Tại sao nên lựa chọn máy xúc lật thay cho máy xúc đào?

Why I always choose Wheel Loader over Excavator?

Earthmoving equipment are designed primarily to move soil. According to the distance of movement we can choose which type of hauler to use. The function of digging or excavating can done be exclusively by two types of equipment. Either an excavator (obvious from the name) or a loader. Despite what type of under carriage they use (track or wheel). We'll limit our comparison here to track excavator or Wheel Loader as they are both the most common types.

Excavator is consist of boom, stick and bucket and known as implements. Cab fixed on a rotating platform. And finally an undercarriage. The implements have the shape of the hand and arm in a backward position (backhoe). Generally excavators have high breakout force break as it relays totally on the hydraulic power. Excavators also create less operator fatigue as it is normally stationary while operating. It is also less sensitive to underfoot conditions.

Wheel Loader on the other hand consists from an arm and bucket. A cab fixed on its main chassis. A simplest description for it, is an agricultural tractor that has bucket in the front and counter weight in the back. The common version is with articulated body to reduce its turning radius. The implement has the shape of a hand and arm in a forward position (loader). Generally wheel loader has less breakout force as it uses its rim-pull power beside the hydraulic force. Wheel loaders generally create more fatigue to the operators as it require more attention that will be split in variety of tasks. Wheel loader are much expensive than excavators in term of acquiring cost.

All of the above will seem in favor of excavators ... However ! Three main factors might the change the situation in favor of Wheel Loader all along...

Mobility: Wheel loader is faster and easy to move from place to place. Excavators are more complex to transport and even when it is required to move into short distances, it can easily damage the surface when it is asphalt or light concert.

Flexibility: Attachments are very important and the ability to interchange without adding extra hydraulic or electrical accessories is very important. Almost any attachment beside the bucket in excavators require hydraulic lines (high, medium or low pressure). Wheel loader can easily interchange between bucket, forks and bulldozer plate without adding any auxiliary lines.

Track Vs Tires: Tires approximately represent up to 50% of the wheel loader operating cost. And yes tracks always have longer life time than tires , but tracks are often complicated and highly expensive to repair and require special tools and need more time to repair. While tries relatively have less acquiring cost and relatively easy to find and even easy to fix.

To sum-up, wheel loader is a better earthmoving equipment in cities and urban areas. In general, it is faster and flexible and get the job done.

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